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Artist: Lura
Album: M'Bem di Fora (2007)
Country: Cape Verde → Language: Portuguese
Genre: Bossa Nova / Samba / Jazz
Size/Format: ( 81.93 MB) 256 KB / MP3 / ZIP
Samples: last.fmDownload: On Mediafire
About: The beautiful young singer describes herself as a country girl and as such, is more interested in rural styles like the funana, bataku and the European, colonial-based mazurka than in the more urban morna, a barroom blues associated with the elder diva. Her songs, many of them self-composed, deal with small-town realities like a mother's advice to her son in hard times, an unplanned pregnancy, uninhibited holiday celebrations and other tales that might well be discussed on a neighbor's door-step.Her voice, a clear mezzo-soprano-to-alto, ranges from girlish to smoky but as her material tends toward upbeat rhythms, it is her sun-drenched, precisely calibrated melodic sense and crackerjack phrasing that anchors each tune. The title track, a frenetic hip-swinger sung as a duet with Zeco di Nha Reinalda, could make a stone dance. --Christina Roden
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